My name is Vanessa. I am married to the love of my life, Matt. Together, we run Hearthwood. I am a classic sort of girl. When I am not decorating, painting furniture, and going to yard sales,  you will find me singing hymns, listening to audio classics, playing board games with my husband, juicing kale and other greens, gardening, putting pinches of this and dashes of that in yummy meals, and welcoming friends in our home to enjoy it all.


I love to take on projects fo the sake of making my home more cozy, welcoming, and healthy. Some might think me a glutton for punishment for taking on so many projects but, they would be wrong. It’s no punishment at all, you see.  For me, to take something old, broken, and almost forgotten and to make it new, whole, and able to exude beauty is to reminisce in my own story of redemption. It is  to write praises in the forms of brush strokes to the One who took me, broken and all, and made me new.

Interracial couple. Owners of Hearthwood.


I am learning to accept that I am an anxious person in order that I may grow in changing it.  Having things to do with my hands helps me to relax on days when I feel as though my nerves will explode and my bones will snap under the pressure of  anxiety. I find that as I do those things, I talk to the Lord. I confide in him though he already knows, and I am able to rest more peacefully as he reminds me that the anxiety exists to keep me humble and to set me free from myself and my pride. I am weak, friends!

Interracial couple. Owners of Hearthwood.




This little blog is my latest work of praise. I hope to use it to help me see more beauty and to inspire you to create beauty. In the creation story, I find that God is the originator of beauty and the most skilled of artists. Broken, lost, and tired friend, look to Jesus; mold beauty out of rejected things and let it remind you of the master potter and the masterpieces that he creates even in you. I find that praising him comes a lot easier that way.

Interracial couple. Owners of Hearthwood.


So, if you’re interested, go on this journey with me. Follow this little blog. As you follow me, you will discover that furniture makeovers and home decor are my crafts, chasing yard and estate sales are my hobbies, thrift stores are my other homes, anxiety tries to be my prison, but Jesus is my anywhere shelter. Out of my hobby, Hearthwood Home was born.

Many blessings,


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